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GlobeTrade GlobeTrade is a leading management consulting and marketing solutions company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses go global. Our mission is simple: to make going global easy by giving you the tools, resources, and knowledge you need.

In today’s fiercely competitive economy, it’s the entrepreneurs and small business owners of the world (read ChangeThis.com) who are turning to global trade, discovering accelerated growth and big profits, and reshaping the new world economy. You can too—and in the process, you can discover there are no boundaries to growing your business.

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"Laurel Delaney writes in a tremendous spirit of service to entrepreneurial and small business leaders navigating the opportunities of globalization. Whether leading a fresh startup, a small business, or an entrepreneurial growth company seeking greatness, the question of whether—and how—to go global must be addressed. Delaney shows yet again her passionate dedication to serving her readers with deeply practical guidance."
Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and co-author of Beyond Entrepreneurship

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